Searching for the best armor to safeguard your personality in PSO2 NGS? Look at our determination of the PSO2 NGS best armor, accessible at this point!

Today we will discuss armor since I realize a ton of you all are somewhat befuddled about what’s the best weapon and what’s the best armor, and it relies upon your play style.

Today we’re about to go over the whole rundown of various armor decisions that you have so you can go with an educated choice on what armor you need to go to accommodate your own play style.

The primary thing I need to show you folks here is the rundown of the multitude of various armors in ps02, they call it units despite the fact that you know it’s armor, so assuming I truly do say units, I just mean armor. You can open this page and check out at all the different armor for yourself.

The primary thing I need to explain is a ton of these armors you won’t use for quite a while, so I’m certain that a ton of you folks in Elio are presumably as yet utilizing Qual de armors or vialto armors since you got these from the battle zones as they drop in exchange Backwoods Mount Magnus as well as vanford research center runes.

PSO2 NGS Best Armor

Aelio Armors (Spot holders)

  • Qual De Armor Arga
  • Qual De Armor Belta
  • Qual De Armor Sheza
  • Geant Armor

These armors really drop from the red compartments, so these three are the novel armors you can get in a Leo, so they’re wonderful as placeholder armors; in any case, kindly don’t put a lot into any of these armors. You would rather not upgrade these, and you would rather not increase these.

Simply use them how they are except if you want that smidgen of additional fight ability to go on with the story in light of the fact that once we get to the desert district, which is a reattempt, you will get new armor, so we will skim over these armors since you realize they’re about to be utilized for several hours all things considered.

Next up are the vialto armors here. I would avoid every one of them. They’re not excellent basically on the grounds that they don’t give that incredible details, so once more, you can utilize it in the event that you need as a placeholder, however I’m certain a ton of you all have outperformed level 12. You folks are presumably in like your level 30s, perhaps level 40, somewhere close to that reach, so these armors won’t fill that a very remarkable need

Geant Armor

Geant Armor is an excellent armor on the grounds that to get this armor, and you need to battle tremendous. Subsequently, I’m certain a ton of you folks might have seen that while you’re meandering around in the open field, there’s a tempest, a dust storm, or a snowstorm, it you’re in to rely upon which district. Unexpectedly there’s this goliath purple beast, and you attempt to hit it, and you cause one day of harm to it, and it simply beats everyone senseless. That is known as an enormous.

Presently when you get to max level, you will actually want to chase these enormous down to bring this exceptional armor, yet the Geant armor isn’t something you ought to be cultivating for on the grounds that it’s just level 15, so we will avoid that.

Retem Armors (Spot holders)

presently for the armors that you’ll begin finding in Retem, which is the desert locale, so there’s the Vidal, Vijf, as well as Vios armors, so these drop in the different battle zones, these are OK again for a placeholder; however I wouldn’t go too off the deep end on them

  • Vidal Armor
  • Vijf Armor
  • Vidalun Armor
  • Viosel Armor

Vidalun Armor and Viosel Armor

By and by, I would stay with the red compartment armor here, so there’s the Vidalun as well as the Viosel armors; these armors are perfect as a placeholder again in light of the fact that the Vidalun and armor gives you 70 HP and the Viosel armor gives you 14 Photon power so this is very strong when you join these two armors, but again I wouldn’t put into these I would just involve all of this as a placeholder the most superb armor is like the Geant armor where they just drop from gigantics so again this is a complicated, hard skip since it’s just level 31


Presently we come to the part where these armors merit putting resources into. So the principal set of armor is the Schwarzest Armor here, so there are three unique sorts once more. There’s the red skirmish, the blue reach, and the yellow method. These armors are serious areas of strength for somewhat; level necessity is just 31.

Notwithstanding, as you can see on my final plan character, I actually utilize these armors on the grounds that my expands are so strong. I’ve put such a huge amount into these armors that it’s not worth me overhauling in light of the fact that the DPS contrast between this arrangement of armor right now versus the level 60 armor is just a DPS increment of two percent. Consequently, it isn’t so huge of a distinction, so staying with this armor is delightful.

Sestato Armor Arga/Belta/Sheza

Assuming you are wanting to put into an armor vigorously, I would strongly suggest utilizing the Sestato Armor Arga/Belta/Sheza in light of the fact that these armors give better details, so Schwarzest armor gives me 25 HP, 3 PP, and two scuffle power. Interestingly, assuming we take a gander at the Sestato Armor Arga, this gives me 30 HP 4pp, so that is five additional HP and another Photon power; it gives me 2.25 scuffle strength and reach intensity and furthermore gives me 30 actual obstruction.

Actual obstruction is only invulnerability to shock, so assuming that you really do figure out how to get 100% of actual opposition, it implies your personality can’t be dazed; nonetheless, do remember that actual obstruction isn’t added substance, so on the grounds that you have three bits of the Sestato Armor Arga doesn’t mean you will get 90 actual opposition it works multiplicative, so being like 50 or 60 something like that is going.

I essentially urge individuals to utilize the Sestato Armor Belta and Sestato Armor Sheza on the grounds that you can acquire them from Red holders in west kavaris, north kavaris, and Focal kavaris, separately.

For most players out there, I suggest that you go with the Sestato armors just on the grounds that there are no negative details. You can make a tank here or more hostile this is the most adjusted armor. It provides you with a ton of weapon intensity, permitting you to fabricate either an equilibrium construct or through expands.

Behlgren Armor

If you have any desire to go with a glass Cannon construct, you are exceptionally sure about your capacity not to get hit. If you have any desire to dole out crazy measures of harm, then the Behlgren armor is the one you need to go for the present. Recollect that you can blend and match since you can wear three bits of armor, so you can put on one Belgium and two Sestato armor assuming you need, and you can blend and match.

On the off chance that you need, nonetheless, assuming that you wish to go Unadulterated Glass Cannon, you can go three pieces with the Behlgren armor, however you will lose a measurement button of HP in light of the fact that, for each piece you put on, you lose 40 HP, so with three sections, you’ll lose a 120 HP. You will likewise get less 50 for each and every opposition. This incorporates freeze obstruction, which is exceptionally unfavorable in the Kavaris locale in light of the fact that many crowds there can freeze you. Be that as it may, the negatives don’t end there.

The second you’re Frozen, you can’t move, you can’t scrub yourself, you’re an Obvious target until the freeze span runs out, and on the off chance that you truly do get hit while Frozen, you will take harm, so it’s incredibly, unsafe to go full belt wearing armors.

Main concern

Since, in such a case that any of these Natural assaults hit you, you are basically screwed, yet presently to discuss the advantages, how could anybody go with the Behlgren armor well, this is on the grounds that you get in addition to 13 Photon power, so the Behlgren armor is wonderful on the grounds that it gives you all intensity while the Sestato armor is here spend significant time in two distinct potencies, yet on the off chance that you go with the customary Sestato armor without the Arga Belta, you truly do get all strength, yet it’s just 1.5 versus 2.75 so you realize you need to go with 2.75 it’s much more grounded, yet you are forfeiting a measurement button of HP as well as those protections, so it is a two sided blade all in all any of these four armors are an extraordinary decision.

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